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Client: BC Parks

Challenge: Create trail signage for the Golden Spruce Trail in Haida Gwaii

Solution: Authentic, culturally-respectful, informative, and refreshing trail experience. We started with a whole lot of research. We visited museums, met with Haida elders, listened to interviews, read books, and yes – we flew to Haida and experienced it’s beauty. Then we strategized; How do we sure we don’t disrupt Nature, involve the community, tell a story, but still be informative?

The final project included a series of signs that guide the hiker from spot to spot through a first-person story. We focussed on the history of the forest and the people. We sought out local artists and carvers to be sure and make this a collaborative and local experience.

The project went to on win a RGD SoGood award in the Government Initiated Projects category. You can read more here.

I was thrilled to be able to see the SoGood exhibit first hand on a layover in Toronto. Check out a few photos:

IMG_2409 IMG_2411

**Work done as Creative Renegade at Flipside Creative**